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Experience the marriage of your dreams and find joy in raising children when you follow the wisdom of the Bible! Dr. Paul David Tripp will show you how with eight new video lessons for husbands and wives and moms and dads. Purchase The Gospel-Centered Family Bundle and start watching "The Marriage Of Your Dreams" and "Parenting: It's Not What You Think It Is." On-demand replay is available until December 31, 2021, and both conferences include a Bonus Study Guide!

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8 New Video Lessons

The Marriage of Your Dreams

Session 01 Disappointed Dreamers

No matter how long you have been married, Dr. Tripp will help to realign your expectations so you aren’t discouraged and disappointed by the reality of your relationship.

Session 02 The Spouse Of Your Dreams

Learn how to treat your husband or wife with integrity and faithfulness so they fully entrust themselves to your care. As a bonus, you’ll receive Dr. Tripp’s trust questionnaire worksheet to work through with your spouse or fiancé.

Session 03 What Dreams Are Made Of

After four decades of counseling marriages, Dr. Tripp knows why couples fail to experience the marriage of their dreams: they point the finger of blame and hold grudges. Instead, discover how to fight for your marriage by practicing confession and forgiveness each day.

Session 04 All You Need Is (Cruciform) Love

There are many definitions of love out there, but you only need to follow one example: the Cross of Christ. As a bonus, you’ll receive Dr. Tripp’s worksheet, 24 Things That Love Is And Does, to remind you each day how to practically love your spouse like Jesus.

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Parenting: It's Not What You Think It Is

Session 01 Give Up Control

The goal of parenting is not to control your child’s life; they will quickly outgrow your authority and be independent individuals. Don’t miss the big picture of what God has called you to do.

Session 02 Shape Their Character

Your children will reveal their lack of character over and over again. Learn how to lovingly expose the sin in their hearts and point them to the forgiveness of Jesus.

Session 03 Thrive In The Teen Years

Culture portrays this period of life as a chaotic season to be survived, but the Bible is very optimistic about what can be accomplished. Learn how to make the most of the teen years and help them successfully transition from childhood to adulthood.

Session 04 Rest In God.

Parents who rest in God will experience abounding joy as a mother or father. This hope-infused conclusion will remind you that God never calls you to raise your kids without first providing you everything you need.

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Learn From A Family Counselor

Dr. Paul David Tripp

Dr. Tripp is a pastor, counselor, and best-selling author of the everyday devotional, New Morning Mercies. He has been married for 49 years to Luella, and they have raised four adult children.

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"Parenting our children is one of life's greatest challenges and Paul points us to the one thing that can make a difference - a genuine encounter with the living God. He constantly turns us back to the life giving power of the gospel and God's unfailing grace."

- TobyMac Hip-Hop Recording Artist Music Producer Songwriter

"Paul faithfully and brilliantly lets the gospel bear its weight on the messiness and beauty of marriage. I, personally, found it to be helpful, and we use it extensively at The Village."

- Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor The Village Church; President Acts29 Church-Planting Network

"Part of me wanted to sit, cry, and confess all of my failures as a parent. The other part wanted to scream with excitement for the tremendous insight I now have to be a better parent."

- Francis Chan New York Times best-selling Author; Crazy Love and Forgotten God

"Noel and I listened driving in the car! Wise words. Authentic experience. Provocative application. Turned a long trip into a fruitful two-person marriage seminar."

- John Piper Desiring God Ministries

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Marriage Session 2 - 44 minutes

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Marriage Session 4 - 44 minutes

Parenting Session 1 - 45 minutes

Parenting Session 2 - 45 minutes

Parenting Session 3 - 45 minutes

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